Help For Disabled Children

Federal laws provide protection for disabled children. To ensure that children with a disability receive a quality education, the federal government has enacted Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, which states that children with a disability shall not be excluded from or denied the benefits of any program receiving federal funding.

For children in public schools, this means that they must receive free and appropriate education (FAPE). In addition to the Federal Rehabilitation Act, the federal government has enacted the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) which states that children with special needs may receive an individual education plan (IEP) to provide for their educational needs.

Lawyers Who Can Help In Schools Throughout The Chicago Suburbs

If you are the parent of a child with special needs and you feel your child's school is not meeting your child's educational needs, contact the experienced family law attorneys at Hunter & Roth, P.C.

Based in Barrington, Illinois, we provide representation to families throughout the northern and western suburbs of Chicago. Our law firm is focused exclusively on family related issues, including FAPE and IEP issues.

Fighting Back Against Negligent Schools

In an effort to cut costs, some school district may not provide adequate guidance and assistance to children with a physical or mental disability. If your child has learning challenges or physical challenges that require specific assistance, we can help.

We have experience in cases where a child needs tutoring, medical assistance, or other necessary educational assistance. There is a process we go through that includes mediation. In rare cases, a matter may go to court. However, most cases are resolved without the necessity of trial because the schools know the costs of going to court.

Who Can We Help

Federal laws protect all children. If your child has autism, ADHD, hearing problems, visual impairment, or any other physical or mental impairment, we can help.

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