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At Thomas W. Hunter, P.C., in Illinois, we understand the challenges of expanding your family via adoption, whether through a domestic adoption or the legal adoption of a child within your extended family. We are prepared to guide you through the difficulties, sorting out the legal issues and paving the way to a healthy environment for the child to grow.


Helping Children Get The Safe Homes They Deserve


We are committed to helping children, ensuring that they are provided safe and stable home environments. Often, this can be accomplished through adoptions, either through of-kin adoptions or through another avenue such as domestic adoption.


In contested adoptions, we will do the legal work to establish your case as being able to provide the best possible environment for the child to thrive in. We will gather the expert opinions and evaluations needed. We are never afraid to take the matter to court.

Our attorneys assist in all forms of child adoption, including of-kin and relative adoptions, such as grandparent and stepparent adoptions.


We are also available to assist families seeking to expand through the work of a surrogate mother. Even in instances where the mother is a friend of the family, this can be a delicate and emotional time. Our lawyers work to ensure that our clients' rights are protected through this and the relationship is protected for the future.


Step Parent Adoption


Adoption is a wonderful way to welcome a child into your family. If you are thinking about adopting a child, the family law attorneys at the law firm of Thomas W. Hunter, P.C., can help.


Based in Illinois, we have been helping Illinois families with their legal needs since 1974. As a law firm that practices exclusively in family law, we can provide the experienced legal representation you need if you are thinking about an adoption.


We offer a free consultation to discuss your legal needs.


Providing Representation In Contested Adoptions


Our attorneys represent clients in stepparent adoptions and contested adoptions where the termination of parental rights is required. Even in a "simple" stepparent adoption, there are legal requirements that must be met to safeguard your rights and complete the process of adoption.


In a contested adoption case, we have the experience required to provide the quality legal representation you require. Our attorneys work closely with clients to provide accessible and highly personalized service.


Thinking About Adoption? Know Your Rights And Responsibilities.


If you are thinking about adopting a child, it is important that you understand your rights. In a stepparent adoption, the stepfather or stepmother that is adopting the child should know that they accept all of the legal rights and obligations of a natural parent once an adoption takes place. For example, the stepparent that adopts a child is legally responsible for child support.


Our attorneys can help guide you through the process, educate you about the law, and provide the comprehensive support you require.


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