Owe Back Child Support? We Can Help.


At Thomas W. Hunter, P.C., in Illinois, we assist parents locked in dispute surrounding debt in child support payments. We understand both sides of this difficult arrangement, and we are equipped to sort through the issues at play and resolve it in a manner that is in the best interest of the child.


Helping You Resolve Unpaid Child Support Debts


If you have fallen behind in child support payments, the state can take drastic action to recover the money. This can include freezing bank accounts and taking tax refunds. It also has the authority to take additional measures, including freezing passports, revoking professional licenses and invoking a driver's license revocation for failure to pay support.


Our attorneys will represent your interests in these matters, arranging the hearings needed to have the licenses reinstated and the withdrawals stopped. We will assist in negotiating a deal with the state for a repayment plan, when necessary.


If the amount of child support needs to be amended due to a change in circumstances, we are available tofile for modifications and negotiate the amount due.


We are also available to assist in instances where the State Disbursement Unit is taking funds, but they are not being received by the other parent. We will find where the administrative errors are occurring and correct the problem.


While these situations are highly disruptive for both parents, we can help to quickly straighten out the problem and restart appropriate payments for the best interest of the child.


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