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At Thomas W. Hunter, P.C., we are prepared to represent your interests as a parent in disputes involving the Department of Child and Family Services (DCFS). While DCFS does an important work protecting children in abusive environments, we help to ensure that the wrongfully accused parents are provided a fair chance to explain the situation and keep their families intact.


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It is not uncommon for a child to go to school with various scrapes and bruises which are noticed by the teacher or a classroom worker. This adult must report the suspected abuse or allegations of sexual abuse to a school social worker who is a mandated reporter. When DCFS finds out about the bruises, they have the right to question the child at school without the parent's notice.


DCFS will conduct an investigation. Generally, this is marked by a series of meetings, both scheduled and unannounced. After building a case, they may recommend to juvenile court that the children be removed from the home.


In some instances, however, the state may immediately take the child.


In either instance, the clock is ticking. The parent then has 60 days with which to file an appeal. In the meantime, we can help to negotiate a safety plan where the child is released to the custody of relatives or trusted family friends.


It is important to seek counsel immediately before making a statement.


How To Fight Your DCFS Case? We can help you fight and WIN!


The case will go to an administrative hearing, followed by a recommendation on a potential termination of parental rights. The appeal can go through the circuit court all the way to the appellate court. We are equipped to handle these appeals from the initial investigation through the entire appeals process.


Our lawyers assist families in sorting out these situations, finding the truth among the allegations. We are committed to helping children grow up in healthy situations and environments, preferably with their parents.

When false allegations of abuse are leveled against you, you must act immediately to confront these grave charges and fight to keep your family intact.


At Thomas W. Hunter, P.C., we are equipped to represent the interests of parents in juvenile court. While Department of Child and Family Services (DCFS) does an invaluable work protecting children, false accusations of abuse can tear a family apart, harming the children and causing irreparable damage. We fight to ensure that families are protected and children provided a healthy space to grow with their parents.

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Defending You Against False Allegations Of Juvenile Abuse


When an instance of suspected abuse is reported to the DCFS, the matter may be passed along to the juvenile court of Illinois if it is determined that there are grounds for criminal charges. DCFS will contact the state attorney to make this determination. From there, the matter will be heard in a range of judicatory and disposition hearings to find whether the parents are fit to maintain parental rights.


Evidence in the matter will be provided by DCFS based on reports and accounts of social workers and the agency in reviewing the relationship between the parent and child and the environment the child is living in. Based on these reports, juvenile court has the authority to take the children immediately.


Representing You In Department of Children & Family Services Proceedings


Juvenile court proceedings can have both civil and criminal aspects, brought by the state. We are prepared to represent parents against either form of charges. A guardian ad litem will be appointed in the matter to represent the best interests of your children. We will help you navigate the system, fighting to protect your family.


We will thoroughly investigate the issue, providing evidence in court on your behalf. We are committed to ensuring that you are thoroughly represented at all hearings and proceedings.

You can learn more about the DCFS HERE.

Our lawyers help people and families with DCFS cases, we will help you find the truth among the allegations. We are committed to helping children grow up in healthy situations and environments, preferably with their parents.