Illinois Domestic Violence Lawyer


At Thomas W. Hunter, P.C., in Illinois, our lawyers are committed to helping individuals facing instances of domestic violence and allegations of abuse and domestic violence. These situations are inevitably difficult and overwhelming, and we will lend perspective and guidance to a more safe future for you and your children.


We Can Keep You Safe From Abuse


If you or your children are in a danger from physical violence or sexual abuse and need immediate protection, we will help you with the appropriate motions and restraining orders to quickly be shielded from your abuser. We are also equipped to file for emergency and temporary orders, as well as more permanent arrangements.


Fighting Accusations Of Abuse? We Can Protect Your Rights


If you have been accused of domestic violence or abuse against your child, you have a limited window of time in which to appeal the decisions of the court and Illinois Department of Children and Family Services and fight any criminal charges. As soon as you suspect that you are under investigation for abuse or domestic violence, please contact representation to begin confronting the pending allegations.


We understand how domestic violence and abuse matters often have civil and criminal components. If you are facing allegations of abuse, we can represent you in both venues to find a solution that best protects your interests and your family.


We, DCFS and juvenile court do an invaluable work in protecting children from abuse; the system is stacked against parents. Often, falsely accused parents are made to endure torturous proceedings in juvenile court and criminal court that cause irreparable damage to the family and children. We conduct our own independent investigation of the matter and bring the truth to light.


We are in a position to fight for the children and their opportunity to have a healthy relationship with their parents. We also provide parents a fair chance during these proceedings.


Do Not Take These Situations Lightly - Contact Us Today


To learn how an experienced domestic violence attorney can help you and your family, please contact us to schedule a free consultation.