Enforcement of Court Orders


In the aftermath of a contested divorce, it is not unusual for one of the former spouses to decide that they are not going to comply with the terms of a divorce or support order. They may decide - out of malice or financial constraints - that they are not going to obey the terms of the court's order.


If you live in the northern or western suburbs of Chicago and need help enforcing a court order resulting from a divorce, paternity proceeding, child custody or visitation dispute, child support dispute or other family law matter, an experienced family law attorney can help.


At the Illinois law firm of Thomas W. Hunter, P.C., we have been handling divorce and family law cases since 1974. We focus exclusively in family law, so we know the law, the local courts, and the procedures that are essential to the effective resolution of contested family law disputes.


How Can We Help?


  • We can help enforce a court order if:

  • You need to enforce a child support order

  • You need to enforce a spousal support (alimony) order

  • You need help enforcing the property division provisions of a divorce order

  • Your former spouse refuses to pay marital debts as ordered by the court

  • Your former spouse refuses to hand over property as ordered by the court

  • Your former spouse refuses to sign a quit claim deed as ordered by the court


Compliance with a court order is not voluntary - it is mandatory. If you are not receiving the child support or alimony you are entitled to receive by court order, we can help. If your spouse is being belligerent, we can help.


Failure To Pay Child Support Is Serious In Illinois


Child support debts may automatically become a judgment by matter of law in Illinois and may be subject to a nine percent interest rate. Once an automatic judgment has taken effect, we can file a lien on an individual's home to force payment of child support. Penalties for non-payment of child support may include the loss of a driver's license, professional license or firearm license. Failure to comply with a court order may also result in civil contempt of court sanctions.


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