Divorce Mediation Lawyers


In the state of Illinois, mediation is required any time custody or visitation issues are being decided, either during or after the divorce's finalization. Only in rare circumstances where good cause is shown to indicate that it isn't needed can it be skipped.


At Thomas W. Hunter, P.C., we are equipped to provide certified mediation services. We cannot provide mediation services to individuals we represent as a client. We do, however, often provide private mediation to other individuals and those referred to us by the court.


The Benefits Of A More Collaborative Process


During the mediation process, both sides come together and speak face to face about the key elements of their divorce agreement. During a facilitated process, they craft their own version of the agreement to be confirmed by a judge later.


Mediation provides a positive situation for both parties, allowing them to create agreements that are mutually agreeable. Otherwise, these decisions are made by the court and neither party has control over the outcome.


Mediation is a cost-effective approach to divorce, saving you costly negotiation and litigation fees. It also takes a significant amount of stress and animosity out of the process, requiring that the parties involved discuss the matters at hand directly, rather than through lawyers.


This initial process of learning to communicate on critical issues is an invaluable framework upon which to build, particularly when there will be joint parenting arrangements.


Learn If This Is The Right Fit For Your Divorce


To arrange a free initial consultation with an attorney to learn how mediation can help your family move toward a healthy post-divorce future, please contact our office today.