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One of the most common disputes that occurs after the conclusion of a divorce is a home relocation dispute. Since men and women often make significant life changes after a divorce, including a career change or new romantic relationship, it is common for one of the spouses to move to a new geographic location after the conclusion of a divorce. When minor children are involved, a heated dispute can ensue.


Before a custodial parent can move to a new location with the parties' minor children, they must get the approval of the other parent. In the absence of an agreement, the parent that wants to move must obtain a court order.


At the family law firm of Thomas W. Hunter, P.C., in Illinois, we have represented many parents in home relocation and other child custody disputes. As a law firm that has practiced exclusively in Illinois family law since 1974, we can help protect your rights if you are seeking to move or if you wish to oppose a home relocation. We offer a free consultation to discuss your legal rights and options.


What Standard Will The Court Use In Making It's Determination?


In a home relocation dispute, the court will look to see what is in the best interests of the children. In doing so, the court will consider many factors.


The court will want to know the motive for the home relocation. If the motive is simply to frustrate the other parent's right to parenting time with the children, the court will not be inclined to grant the motion. If the reason for the move is a better job or better employment opportunities, the court will examine a host of factors, including educational opportunities that will be available for the children at the new city of residence.


Since their is no clear white and black formula for determining such issues, it is critical to have an experienced family law attorney working on your behalf to make the most persuasive argument possible. Since family law is all we do, we are skilled at handling complex family law disputes that are the subject of contested hearings.


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