Illinois Social Security Appeal Lawyer


The process of applying for and receiving Social Security disability benefits is complex and difficult. It is not uncommon for individuals to be denied on a first attempt at filing a claim.


At Thomas W. Hunter &, P.C., we are committed to helping individuals receive the benefits they have worked for and are entitled to. Our Illinois attorneys assist in all forms of Social Security claims and are highly knowledgeable of how the processes work.


Extensive Knowledge Of A Complex System


The system is structured in such a way that it works against many people, kicking them out of the process for reasons that they do not understand. The initial claim must be filed by the individual themselves, but should they encounter a disability denial, we are available to help appeal the claim and recover benefits.


We routinely help individuals facing the Social Security Disability claims process. These clients have been injured or disabled and are unable to work, usually because of a doctor's orders, for some period of time.


We will review your claim and evaluate what needs to be done to file a successful claim. This includes thorough documentation and medical opinions. Often the bureau will require you to visit one of its doctors or medical professionals for review. We will guide you to the doctors and physicians who can provide an objective second opinion on the matter.


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