Social Services / Abuse Allegations Defense


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An Aggressive Defense Of Your Parental Rights


In today's modern society, teachers, doctors and many other professionals are mandated reporters. That means that if they receive a report of abuse, no matter how doubtful or minor, they must report it to social services.


While social services has the needs of children in mind, they sometimes go overboard and assume that danger is present where no real danger exists. If your parental rights are at stake, we can help.


We have experience in cases involving a wide range of issues, including:


  • Allegations of physical abuse

  • Allegations of sexual abuse

  • Allegations of child neglect

  • Allegations of alcohol dependency

  • Allegations of drug dependency

  • Allegations of overzealous discipline

  • Allegations of domestic assault in the presence of children

  • Other Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) investigations


If DCFS has taken or threatened to restrict your custody or visitation of a child, we can vigorously defend your rights. We can also represent you in criminal court to protect your freedom.


Fighting Allegations Of Abuse? 


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