Uncontested Divorce Lawyer


At the law firm of Thomas W. Hunter, P.C., we understand that no two families are the same and the legal needs of people going through a divorce vary from case to case.


While some of our clients need an attorney to handle a contested divorce where child custody or property division is disputed, we are pleased to assist clients that are looking for a simpler and more amicable approach to a martial dissolution.


If you are getting a divorce in the northern or western suburbs of Chicago and wish to speak with a lawyer about an uncontested divorce, we are pleased to offer a free consultation. Contact our law office today for help.


Is An Uncontested Divorce Right For Me?


If you and your spouse are in agreement about the terms of your divorce, including marital property division and child custody, an uncontested divorce may be the answer for you.


In an uncontested divorce, we will fill out all of the necessary documents and file them with the court to reflect the agreement you have made with your spouse. An uncontested divorce avoids the cost of contested hearings and a trial.


If we are retained to handle your case, we can also provide experienced representation in the event that an uncontested divorce becomes a contested divorce. It is not uncommon for a husband and wife to think that they have an agreement and thereafter realize that they have a dispute over a definite child visitation schedule or over spousal support (alimony) or responsibility for marital debts.


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